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Iwaki Pumps Australia

The world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical pumps.

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Product Range

There is an Iwaki pump for almost every chemical handling application

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  • Metering Pumps – AX Series

    Heavy duty hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps with high accuracy and longest service life

    Metering Pumps – AX Series
  • Metering Pumps – LK Series

    Robust motorised metering pumps cover a wide range of industrial applications

    Metering Pumps – LK Series
  • Metering Pumps – IX Series

    Electronically controlled motorised pumps with wide range of capacity control and automatic functions

    Metering Pumps – IX Series
  • EWN

    Electromagnetic dosing pumps with wide range of control features and functions

  • EJ-R

    Electromagnetic metering pump offering precise chemical injection with an economical cost.


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